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This website is operated by the owner of 1OH1.it through a GoDaddy.com Reseller package.

What is a Reseller?

A Reseller platform is a "blue label" service. It allows smaller companies, and individuals to sell the products of another company under their own brand. This kind of service is meant to supplement the smaller company's profits while providing a high level product and service that only a larger company like GoDaddy can provide. In order to actually become a domain Registrar; it would require somewhere around 500 Million Dollars. That's just to register domains. To offer our own web hosting, we'd have to build a Data Center. This isn't something we focus on at 1OH1, and so we partnered with GoDaddy to give our clients, and subscribers a way to support us while also getting high quality products, services, and support through a company we truly believe in.

What does A Reseller mean for you?

By using this Reseller, you are helping support a smaller company, while still taking advantage of the same products, and customer service offered by GoDaddy.com. You're still contacting GoDaddy, and using their products. The agents you speak to are simply trained to answer the phone under our brand, and work closer with the owners of 1OH1.

How is 1OH1 involved?

1OH1 sets the pricing for the products for ABCHost, and chooses which products of GoDaddy's they want to offer. Our goal as a reseller is not to fool our clients into believing they are purchasing products directly from us. Instead, we offer many of GoDaddy's products at lower standard rates. We make a small profit off each sale; which goes directly to improving the quality of our direct services, and educational videos.

Why is 1OH1 reselling GoDaddy products?

We appreciate any business we receive through ABCHost; but this is not our primary business. We use many of GoDaddy's tools to run our business, and this reseller is simply a system we set up to allow our clients, and subscribers of 1OH1's YouTube channel an opportunity to support us directly, while still using a trusted brand for their online tools.

The 24/7 Support offered through ABCHost

Call any time: (480) 624-2500

Calling this private line will get you over to a highly trained GoDaddy representative that works closely with us. You are still getting the same 24/7 USA based customer support in the same sense as GoDaddy. You're simply speaking to a more tenured agent who works for a specialty reseller department.

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